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SAP screen Personas 3.0 - different issues

May 08, 2017 at 03:47 PM


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Hi, we are trying to implement SAP Screen Personas and started by creating a new flavor for ML81N transaction, a transaction we found that would require simplicity to the end user.

We hided many fields, tabs, put together fields from different tabs, and hided columns from a tablecontrol.

During testing, we encountered many issues that we couldn´t solve and would like to know if somebody had had similar problems and if you could solve them somehow.

1) For the TAB key, the cursor doesn´t follow the field screen sequence and it sometimes kind of disappears and appears later on any field. It also doesn´t position on every input field of the screen but just on a few of them. Looks like it is considering the original screen fields (even the hidden ones) and not considering the ones brought from other tabs. This sequence is also different for different users.

2) The height of the input fields looks different if you execute the transaction in Windows 7 and Windows 10. In the first ones the fields look thicker leaving no space in between one input field and the one below, while in windows 10 there is a space in between

3) For the tablecontrol, in different machines using same windows version, the number of rows displayed varies, one user can see an extended list of rows (around 10) while on others it displays a limited amount of rows (3), even with the same user.

4) If a button is pressed and it opens a pop-up window, the fields that were brought from other tabs disappear from the main screen underneath the pop-up window.

The performance in general is not very good, and the display of history values for input fields takes time to show up.

All these issues are far from giving a better user experiences as it is supposed to.

I don´t know of many implementations of SAP Screen Personas. Does anybody have experience or implemented it successfully that could help us with these issues?



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1 Answer

Tamas Hoznek
May 08, 2017 at 06:15 PM

I responded to your support incident about the same topic, but I'm also copying the reply here for future reference:

1. The original tab sequence is indeed retained even after merging tabs, but you can influence it using the Advanced Properties Editor. Here, you can specify via the tabToElement property what the next cursor position should be when using the TAB key.

2. The difference is probably not due to the operating system but the browser being used. There used to be a Google Chrome bug (which also showed up in Edge) where the height of the input fields and dropdowns was corrected in the Unified Rendering engine. Once Google fixed this, the correction caused a problem in the webgui. This has been changed since, but the fix will require a kernel patch upgrade. For details about the correction, please refer to SAP note 2425247.

3. This is likely due to the adaptive features built into the backend transaction and the varying screen resolution of those different computers. If the resolution (height of screen area) is lower, less table rows are displayed.

4. This is normal and is the consequence of how tab merging works. Please see this KB article for examples of how to manage the situation.

As for the performance issues: This is largely dependent on the ITS / webgui and how well those are tuned. A well-tuned webgui on a properly sized system, with excellent response times is the basis to have a well-performing Personas flavor. In addition, tab merging has a significant impact on performance as well. Depending on how many tabs are merged and how complex in general the original screen is, performance can suffer with heavy tab merging. The following video talks about this topic:

Also, performance of the browser has a role in this too, i.e. Internet Explorer is a lot slower than Firefox or Chrome.

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Thanks Tamas, my comments as well as indicated in the OSS message with the attachments:

1) We have tried this before with no success. These are the steps for the configuration:

a) Destination field is selected to get the object ID

b) In advanced options for the origin field we indicate the ID of the target field

c) ID is copied into tabToElement property of the origin field

2) We upgraded latest Kernel to date as suggested (7.22 312 from may 10 2017). We retested and error persists. There are differences in the size of the fields between one browser and the other as well as differences with other operating systems. See same file indicated in following point for Machine 3 and you can compare with the display on the other machines as well).

3) Please see attached file "SP - Screen behavior" with screenshots of different tests on different machines with IE11 and Chrome. The amount of lines on the table control for same user while interacting with the transaction, as well as between different browser on same machine and on different machines with different operating systems.

4) This is quite bodering as it request to not only configure the F4 button but other buttons that show a popup screen as well. I would say that is something we can lead with for now, but let me point out that this is something that would require improvements in the future.

SP - Screen behavior


I responded to your incident.