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Problems preparing Hybrid Project with HAT 1.26.4

May 08, 2017 at 03:59 PM


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I´m developing a hybrid app using Web IDE and Hybrid Application Toolkit.

With the new version of HAT 1.26.4, I get an error when deploying the project.

Deploy -> Hybrid App Toolkit (Local Add-On) -> Prepare Hybrid Project

The deploy process fails with the following error in console:

17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) > Applying custom app info...
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) /Users/SAP/HAT_1264/node_modules/xmlbuilder/lib/XMLStringifier.js:140
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) res = str.match(/[\u0000\ud800-\udfff\ufffe-\uffff]/u);
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) ^
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit)
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) SyntaxError: Invalid flags supplied to RegExp constructor 'u'
17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) at new RegExp (native)17:31:18 (hybrid-toolkit) The node process of the "generate" script exited with code 1.

All prerequisites for the HAT installation has been installed.

Node 5.4.1

Cordova 6.3.1

Please suggest


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2 Answers

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Former Member May 08, 2017 at 10:21 PM

Hi Jan-Ingar.

I had this problem fixed by replacing the current version of the method XMLStringifier.prototype.assertLegalChar located in ...SAP_HAT_local-1.26.1\node_modules\xmlbuilder\lib\XMLStringifier.js by an older version of the same method which used to work (specifically from HAT 1.19.2).

Here is the source code:

    XMLStringifier.prototype.assertLegalChar = function(str) {
      var chars, chr;
      if (this.allowSurrogateChars) {
        chars = /[\u0000-\u0008\u000B-\u000C\u000E-\u001F\uFFFE-\uFFFF]/;
      } else {
        chars = /[\u0000-\u0008\u000B-\u000C\u000E-\u001F\uD800-\uDFFF\uFFFE-\uFFFF]/;
      chr = str.match(chars);
      if (chr) {
        throw new Error("Invalid character (" + chr + ") in string: " + str + " at index " + chr.index);
      return str;

Here is the complete file you can use to replace yours: xmlstringifierjs.txt (don't forget to save a backup of yours).

You can try to do the same I did.

Hope it works for you.

Best regards,

Diêgo César

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Former Member

Thank you, this solved my problems.

Former Member

Thanks! Had the same problem with HAT 1.26.5 and that solved it.

Dominik Steinrücken May 08, 2017 at 07:21 PM

I have the same problem after upgrading to SAP HAT 1.26.1

Btw. I can download 1.25.3 on and 1.26.1 on SAP Store.

Where did you download 1.26.4 ?

Best regards

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