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Former Member
Jan 22, 2007 at 10:42 PM

RD04 Output stuck - no AP created


Hi friends,

We are facing a scenario where a lot of our outputs relating to the inter-company bills are stuck in WE02. 2 different POs with 2 different deliveries combined to create one IC bill. The bill is good and releases to accounting creating the AR.

However, the IDOC coming from the output RD04 from the IC bill is stuck in WE02 with the error message 'Document XXX does not exist', the XXX being one of the delivery documents. However, the document does, obviously exist as it created the IC bill which is not stuck in VFX3 or anyplace else and creates the AR correctly. I checked the LIKP table and the XXX is there too, of course. I don't know if there would be any other error too after this as I am unable to go beyind this issue itself.

Appreciate any ideas clues what I need to verify? Anything to do with the config? The POs look good with the 'delivery complete' checked and the Material and their FI documents look fine too. Thanks in advance for your help. This is in ECC 5.0