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Jan 22, 2007 at 03:05 PM

MIRO currency is coming in display mode.



Suppose I have generated an import PO.

In that Basic price is $100.

Also I have put 1EGP (Egyptian pound : project is in Egypt) for Customs conditon type and for Freight also put 1 EGP and for both of this , I have assigned different vendor ie clearing agent .

First the invoice came from the clearing agent with actual value of customs and freight.

So I have done MIRO , taking the tab 'Planned delivery cost ' and also PO number entered in the respective field.

Now in header level 'Basic Data-TAB' , after amount currency is coming as Dollar and also in 'Details-TAB' currency is coming as Dollar and also in display mode .

I am not able to change that and it should be changed to 'EGP' .

Please advice .Its very urgent .

Please advise me whether this is the right procedure .