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Jan 22, 2007 at 11:18 AM

Internet Explorer 7 does not make me install BO 2005a PL10 (urgent)


I have two PC with this configuration:

XP Professional

Internet Explorer 7.0

Business One 2005a PL10

Sql 2000 Server

Sql 2005 Server

Visual 2005

I could not install and disinstall Business One because I get an error at the beginning of these operations.

I try to debug the installation script and it seems to make an error when it tries to compose the source string to copy files.

Here the code I get from debugging copyfiles.htm is:

function copyfiles()
Dim fs
Dim writer
Dim objShell
Dim tempFolder, temp, baseDir
Dim orgFile, destFile
dim reader	
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
temp = Split(Split (document.location.pathname, "iframes")(0),"/")(1)
baseDir = Replace(temp, "%20", " ")
'TemporaryFolder = 2
temp = fs.GetSpecialFolder(2)
'get the B1 folder previously created in the temp directory
tempFolder = temp&"B1"
'create the iframe folder in our temp directory
tempFolder = fs.CreateFolder (temp & "B1iframes")	

'copy the css file to the temp folder
destFile = tempFolder&"style.css"
orgFile = baseDir & "iframesstyle.css"
fs.CopyFile orgFile, destFile     '<==== Here in stops!

The value in orgFile is "c:iframes\style.css"

The path is not correct, so CopyFile it fails!

I think the problem is in this line:

baseDir = Replace(temp, "%20", " ")

The value of temp is "C:\DOCUME1\Stefano\IMPOST1\Temp" but the Replace function seems to cut the string before the first backslash '\'. In this way baseDir value is "c:".

In this moment I can't install Business One when IE 7 is installed. I'm looking for informations to resolve it.

Stefano Bisogni