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Jan 22, 2007 at 11:38 AM

Inventory Modelling


I am looking to finalise on an inventory model which will include using the standard inventory 03 extractors. The details are as follows:

1. I will load a version of the 0IC_C03 daily cube as per description in the How to guide

2. The snapshot model does not give me end of balance values which we require

3. I will build an alternate to the snapshot model, which will not include a load from the BX extractor since I have another source which will allow me to provide total stock balances represented as end of period (as per client requirement) and I will load these key figures up until the last period. We will call this key figure total stock and we will assume that the load has been successful and I have been able to load total stock values up until the last period

4. I now plan to datamart the daily load cube and from this load to my alternative to snapshot scenario. I will load the Issuing and Receiving Total Stock into two seperate kf respectively from current period (at the end of the period) onwards

5. My idea from this point is that I will need to either write a formula or routine to populate the Total Stock key figure by adding the sum of Issuing and Total Stock to the value which is in the Total Stock Key figure for the last period. I would need help in establishing this process

General thoughts on this approach and any flaws issues to be aware of. In terms of Data marting from 0IC_C03 as far as I am aware the issue is with Non Cumulative KF which in this case will not be referenced

My thoughts otherwise

1. If this model is suitable should I load to ODS prior to cube and if so why

2. How do I establish 5 above?

3. Is there a better alternative?


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Sorry but any thoughts on this? Thanks

Niten Shah

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Niten Shah