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[USABILITY] Navigation between a thread and its primary tag queue


If you are inside a thread, then you might want to go back to the tag queue where you found that thread in order to see what is in the next thread.

You have the following options:

1. Invoke again the tag queue from your browser bookmark ("My followed tags" is not an option because it is not visible when you are inside a thread)
2. Press browser's "Back button"
3. Click again on the primary tag you see in the original post of the thread.

Point 1 and 2 are similar and would be almost a good solution, BUT: if you are on say "page 5" in the tag queue because you pressed "Show More" then neither back button of browser, nor the broswer's bookmark will bring you back to very the same place where you would like to continue your collaboration with the next thread, but it brings back to the top of the page.

Point 3 is simply not user friendly, has the possibility of clicking on a wrong tag, and has the same wrong effect as the previous two points.

Imagine this scenario:

You are in a tag queue (e.g. here ) and you are reading threads one by one to see where you can help. Once you reached the last item you press "Show More" too see how you can contribute even more. One page can display 15 items. You press "Show More" 3 times, but of course you won't keep this in mind. Let's say you are just checking the 48th thread. Click on the thread that brings you to the thread, read it and a little later you decide to go back to the queue to read the next thread i.e. the 49th, but you don't remember it was the 49th and you don't remember you pressed "Show More" 3 times. You press Back button and you are now on the top of the tag page.
You lost track.

If there was a pagination then this would not be a problem (just like in the, plus the user experience would be consistent).


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1 Answer

  • May 08, 2017 at 06:20 PM

    Ervin, you are right and I have the same problem (and worse, actually) with the activity stream.

    I browse unanswered questions almost daily and, fortunately, don't have to go through a very long list usually (2-3 pages tops). I keep the whole list in one tab and then open the questions in new tabs. But if I have to close the whole window it's a problem. (And "visited links" highlighted incorrectly after the first visit is not helping either.)

    Lack of pagination is even more challenging in the Followed Activities. I follow many people and get pages of activity daily. I use the same approach as with questions, but the content in Activities might take much longer to read. So when I come back to the list tab hoping to continue where I left off, I frequently find a message there that activity list was refreshed and now I'm back to the top of the first page.

    Pagination and correctly marking unread posts is a functionality of any basic php forum and it was available on SCN before, so it beats me why it has to be an "idea". But if that's what it takes...

    Upvoted. Thank you!

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    • Hi Jelena,

      Yeah I couldn't agree more. Either a pagination "idea" or a master/detail solution would be more user friendly.

      Thank you for the Vote! ;-)