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Multiline String

May 08, 2017 at 10:40 AM


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Hi All,

I am using a third party software which need multiline input or (multiline String) in a single variable, input be like this:

abc = ABC

xzy = XYZ

MNO =mno

this input shoud be in a single variable, which variable i need to pass in third party software from SAP ABAP code.

I tried many things but the value finaly is going as a single line string like : 'abc=ABCxyz=XYZMNO=mno' which third party software not accepting.

Is there any possible solution or way to achive this.


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2 Answers

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Matthew Billingham
May 08, 2017 at 02:30 PM

You are using a very old version of ABAP, since it doesn't recognise | as a string delimiter. What you should have done was applied the technique to your code, rather than just blindly using the example ABAP, which is explicitly set up as a demo. You don't need CL_DEMO_OUTPUT on your system.

But that's all by the by. I suspect this isn't an ABAP question. You're passing a string to a javascript parser. Therefore you should create your string in a format that javascript recognises as multiline. And you can get that by searching in a search engine for keywords multiline strings javascript.

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It worked for me

I created Multiline string in javascript itself, after taking inputs from individual variables of ABAP.

Horst Keller
May 08, 2017 at 11:10 AM

Simply use string templates |\n| as linebreaks between the lines in your string?

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When I am trying it is giving error type cl_abap_codepage is unknown, which is I think because of SAP version.

Can you explain it with example?

Thank you very much for your responce.


What exactly are you trying? How do you pass the string?

Former Member

Actually I have to pass multiline string in a Javascrip through a variable suppose variable is 'data' like this

data = 'abc = ABC'    
       & 'xzy = XYZ'
& 'MNO =mno'. *------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * which i am expecting will be passed in java script function(call myfunct(String data) like this. *------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABC = abc XYZ = xyz MNO = mno *----------------------------------------------------------------------- *but it is passing like this *----------------------------------------------------------------------- ABC = abcXYZ = xyzMNO = mno
javascript function
call myfunct(String data){
//function definition

before actually doing above things.

I tryied this


Unable to find Method CONVERT_TO for class CL_ABAP_CODEPAGE

and this:


cp1.png (5.5 kB)
cp2.png (20.6 kB)