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Jan 20, 2007 at 07:10 PM

problem exporting text in hebrew


When using the OPEN DATASET...CLOSE DATASET code to save content from the SAP system into an external file, I ran across an annoying problem.

This is the relevant sample of the code:

open dataset CURR_FILE in text mode for output encoding utf-8.

transfer CURR_LINE to CURR_FILE.

close dataset CURR_FILE.

The purpose of the process was to create a file that could be opened by a certain different program that can only read CSV files. The information went properly except for fonts in hebrew which came out as jiberish. That same text was okay when opened as a text file, and the same code was okay when used in a previous SAP system which is pre-unicode, but due to the new UTF8 standard, this problem surfaced. When opened in EXCEL the text shows the same jiberish content in hebrew fonts, unless it's imported through the excel import wizard.

There is an option to save the file as non-unicode by declaring it in the OPEN DATASET line, but this causes a short dump when the TRANSFER command is called. I currently have no option to handle the file externally after it's created as it is transfered automatically once created. If anyone knows of a solution to this problem. I'd be grateful for the help.