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Does the POST2 Postscript device driver support COL0V and COL7N white print on white background?

May 08, 2017 at 07:11 AM


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Does the POST2 Postscript device driver support COL0V and COL7N white print on white background for secret post-processing in an OM (output management system)?

We have the requirement to generate white print on white background in postscript-output.

The postscript file generated from printing an sap-script form should contain non-visible

formatting commands for post-processing thru an om-service. The regular print-layout

should appear unchanged - black print on a white background.

Using the SAP standard SAPWIN device driver Print-Control COL0V with Hex 1B433056

and Print Control C0L7N with Hex 1B43374E it was possible to create white print on a

white background. The standard SAP POST2 device driver does not contain any default Hex-codes for the SAP-SCRIPT Print-Controls COL0V and C0L7N?

What must be inserted in the POST2 device for Print-Controls COL0V and C0L7N to

get white print on white background like the SAPWIN driver?

Best regards


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4 Answers

Alexander Bolloni
May 08, 2017 at 10:12 AM


the POST2 device type uses the POST ABAP list printer driver in the kernel to generate colored list output. The printer driver actually generates the PostScript commands for drawing text, boxes, icons, etc

Thus, the print controls COLxx are not used. SAPWIN is an "old-fashioned" device type which does not use an ABAP-list printer driver, and here the COLxx print controls contain commands to change list colors. A comparable device type in PS would be POSTSCPT (but it prints black-and white only)



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Daniel Schack May 08, 2017 at 11:06 AM
Hi Alex,

many thanks for the quick helpful information. Until now, nobody was able to tell me

anything about how to solve this problem.

I will give it a try with the SAP POSTSCPT as device driver to see if I can get an output and

give a feedback here.

Best regards


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Daniel Schack May 08, 2017 at 12:51 PM

Hi Alex,

unfortunately the test does not give the necessary result.

The SAPWIN driver produces an invisible pdf-field containing an entry like $(OMInformation=12345678)$ when

the Spool-file-Output (OTF) is printed to an PDFCREATOR pdf-file. The resulting PDF from SAPWIN contains the processing-string, for example $(OMInformation=12345678)$ .

Both device drivers, POSTSCPT and POST2, do not seem to contain (or produce) the invisible pdf-field when

the resulting .PS file-output is post-processed to a pdf-file. The resulting PDF does not contain the processing-string.

In the sapscript form is for example a coding entry - Text ZOMINFO(DE)01 -.

This coding contains for example:


This coding results in the output of an invisible field (white print on white background) thru the SAPWIN created

Spool-file-ouput printed to pdf, for example $(OMInformation=12345678)$ .

The post-processing of the .PS file-output to pdf-file needs this OM-Information for further control of the OM-Processes.

A direct creation of .PDF from SAP per device driver PDF1 also does not seem to contain the PRINT-CONTROL information.

That would also be no solution, because the post-processing of PDF Version 1.2 is not possible for our OM-process, we need Postscript.

What can be done to solve this problem?

Is it possible to convert the correct SAPWIN spoolfile (OTF or SAPGOF??) to Postscript .PS with an default SAP ABAP and ouput a file?

I'm slowly despairing, can you shed a bit of light in this situation?

Thank you and best regards,


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Hi Daniel,

Tough question! Anyway, just an FYI about responding to answers and how people get notified about those responses. Because you responded via an "answer" to your own question, no one else on the thread (i.e. Alexander Bolloni) received any notification, unless he choose to "follow" the question (which isn't automatic just because he answered or commented). If you want Alexander to be notified of your responses, you need to respond via a comment against his answer, just as I'm doing here with one of your answers.


Daniel Schack May 09, 2017 at 05:39 AM

Hi Alex,

viewing the OTF data of the Spoolfile generated for
SAP POSTSCPT also POST2 device driver shows it contains for example:

FCHELVE 100 00084XSF005SF005410300056DX
UL +0000000000000


Printing this spoolfile generates a can be converted to a PDF thru printing with PDFCREATOR.

The resulting spoolfile.pdf does not contain $(OMInformation=12345678)$.

How could I check if contains the values of the OTF or are they deleted

by the file printing process?

Best regards,


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