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Changing customer master data and replication to CRM

May 08, 2017 at 05:28 AM


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Dear Expert,

As per requirement I need to change few standard field (PO Box Lobby/ Postal Code/ Street/ Other City) customer master data in XD02 through Excel.

I have write a program to update above field in ECC, and field is getting changes as well but problem is this program is not replicating data from ECC to CRM as i observed that there is no BDOC's triggered in CRM (T Code- SMW01) once we run the report in ECC, but data is getting changed in XD02.

I have tried this with two approach:


Problem: ECC customer master data changed replication to CRM customer master data (T-Code BP) is done but the problem is entries in ADR2 table in ECC get deleted after execution of this report means if customer has more than one teliphone number/ Fax Numbere/ Mobile number it get deleted and only defalt teliphone number is coming in XD03, I have used importing parameter i_kna1/ i_bapiaddr1/ i_maintain_Address_by_kna1 = 'X' and Pi_postflag = 'X'. BAPI SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL is updating ADRC and KNA1 but it is deleting entries from ADR2 table,

so we went for another approch.


Problem: Everything is working perfectly except replication from ECC to CRM.

Can you please suggest some other approach or correction so that the changed data will transfer to CRM from ECC.

I know that same thing we can do with BDC, but in our project we uselly use BAPI and avoid BDC due to limitation.


Kapil Anand

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2 Answers

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Former Member May 30, 2017 at 10:49 AM

Not getting proper BAPI so wen for new approachnew-program.txt

new-program.txt (2.9 kB)
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Jelena Perfiljeva
May 09, 2017 at 08:36 PM

Kapil, based on the description, I believe this issue is neither SD nor ABAP.

In general, we should use BAPI and not FMs. But you can see yourself that ECC data is updated either way and the problem is clearly with the data replication. Assuming this is SAP CRM, search Google for "replicate customer master address from ecc to crm", there are quite a few SCN posts on this subject. Also if this works in XD02 but does not work through the program then you could just look for the differences.

I'm not familiar with SAP CRM and can't comment further. You might want to retag the question with CRM.

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Former Member

Hi Jelena,

Thanks for your reply.

Please consider BAPI SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL, here now replication is done from ECC to CRM, but issue is it deleted entries from ADR2 table, only default telipone number is coming, rest all is gettingd eleted.

Middleware setting is already done, hence if you change anything manually in XD02 it will generate Bdoc and replicate to CRM system in BP.

I think i am using the BAPI SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL in wrong way so that it is deleting teliphone/ Mobile number from ADR2 table.

I have used importing parameter i_kna1/ i_bapiaddr1/ i_maintain_Address_by_kna1 = 'X' and Pi_postflag = 'X'.

If any one used this BAPI SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL, please let me know if they face similar issue with deletion of telipone number/ mobile number.


Also refer to my detailed answer here about why you should not use SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL, and what you should use.


SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL is not a BAPI and you should not be using it.