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Jan 19, 2007 at 12:16 PM

Connection Test for Connectors fails..



I created a <b>SAP dedicated r3 system</b> in <b>system configuration</b> and was using the same for <b>EP and VC iViews development</b>. It was working fine. All of the sudden i find the BAPI's not working in VC. After testing i came to know that the <b>Connection Test for Connectors</b> gets failed showing the result,


<b>Retrieval of default alias successful

Connection failed. Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct.</b>

Being all user mapping done correctly and the system properties are also correct. and i'm using this system from a long time.Connection test was always successful before. I dont know why this occurs suddenly without making any change anywhere in R3 system or EP side. Have any one of you faced this?..

Also, i'm able to use the same system for transactional iViews. It works fine eventhough the connection test fails.What does this mean?.. Pls post ur solutions..

Thanks in advance,