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May 06, 2017 at 04:46 PM

Removing namespace and prefix in each field



I am working on SOAP(AXIS) to JDBC sync scenario

client has provided a wsdl where we have imported in external defintion and done cdata mapping

But we are facing issue in namespace

when we have imported the wsdl in soap ui we can see there are two namespaces in the soap envelope

and if i initiate the request to PI the request is coming as second namespace is appending for each field and prefix is different for each field. Please see below

As it is cdata mapping and prefix also changing in each field the request which going to DB is throwing the error at backend

DB guys has suggested it is not possible handle at backend as the prefix has different in each field

At PI need to handle this case to remove namespace and prefix of each field.

Please suggest


Pavan Kumar D


nsp2.jpg (61.2 kB)
namesp1.jpg (70.8 kB)