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May 06, 2017 at 01:33 PM

Use of Select HU w/o Storage Process:SAP EWM


Dear Experts

Can you pls elaborate on the indicator maintained in WPT "Use of Select HU w/o Storage Process"

I am trying to do PUTAWAY of some HU's but initially this indicator was not set and I created WT's although the WT's were getting displayed under Warehouse Request Tab but the .TASKS created had both Source HU and Destination HU's although the TASKS were Product WT's and not HU WT's.PFB.

I then set that indicator in WPT 1010 and cancelled those product WT's and then again created new ones but this time HU WT's got created .

But I cant see any difference between these two types of WT's except product WT's had Doc ref field as ID but the new created WT's dont have that field populated.

So what difference this setting makes in the behavior of the WT's created (beside the HU WT and Product WT) as in both cases everything else seems same??

Please note I am doing PUTAWAY in pallet Storage enabled bins .PFB


comparison.jpg (106.5 kB)