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Jan 18, 2007 at 02:54 PM

Objects missing in database (views)


As information/background, I have been away from SAP and basis for about four years. Due to personnel changes here, I am now returning to it. While I was away, our SAP system was upgraded from version 4.0B to “SAP R/3 ENTERPRISE 47X110”. I was not a part of the upgrade and have no details as to how it was accomplished.

At this point, we have two SAP “systems”: DEV and PRD and they are on separate partitions of an i5 520. Both are running on OS/i5 V5R3M5 with mostly updated CUMe packages, etc, and PASE is installed. Both of these “systems” use the 6.20 kernel at patch level 1598. We know that this is an OLD kernel and we need to upgrade. I am currently planning the kernel upgrade to 6.40.

In our PRD instance, using transaction DB02 I have been seeing that we are missing four views in the database:

    SYSTRIGCOL    Obligatory Base object is missing in DB
    SYSTRIGDEP    Obligatory Base object is missing in DB
    SYSTRIGGERS   Obligatory Base object is missing in DB
    SYSTRIGUPD    Obligatory Base object is missing in DB

Is this a big deal? Should I worry about it or just continue with my kernel-upgrade planning?

If needed, can I just retrieve the source from the DEV instance, modify the source, and create the views in PRD?

I have confirmed that I can retrieve the DDL source from DEV via iSeries Navigator. It would then just be a matter of copying it, modifying it for PRD, and then executing it for PRD.

Thanks in advance for any advice.