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Park document

May 06, 2017 at 07:24 AM


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Dear All,

I have parked WBS related entry using t code F-02. After that in report S_ALR_87013558 and t code CJ32 assigned column has not been updated. I think it should be because entry has not been posted yet. Then in t code FBV0 I followed following path.

Document » Complete

In the ledger view (FBL3N) document exists under park documents.

Then I again run the report S_ALR_87013558 and I noted that in the report assigned column remain unchanged. But after I run t code CJ32 assigned column has been updated. Then in both assigned columns are different. Can it be happened?

Still document status is parked. My question is when I do the document status as complete why was assigned column in t code CJ32 updated and in report S_ALR_87013558 why was not assigned column updated??

Please advise any expert.

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1 Answer

Shinas Hamsa May 07, 2017 at 01:06 PM

Hi Lakshman,

I believe when we park a document, if you simply save it , the Commitment not Get Update.

But if you do 'Save as Complete' , then the commitment get updated.

CJ31 , 32 are Budget related Master transaction and dont think impact with parking Docs.

You Plz chek Budget Actual / Planned/VBaraince reports thee you can also analys the commitements transactions.

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Hi Shinas,

Really appreciate your answer. As per my knowledge when we pass an entry to WBS related expense it doesn't influence to the commitment. Because commitment column shows only open PRs and POs. When we pass a WBS related entry it directly go to the actual column not to the commitment column. Am I correct??. My question is after complete the parked document Why are Assigned column in T code CJ30, CJ32 and report S_ALR_87013558 not equal. Normally all assigned columns should be equal.

Thanks & Regards



Hi You are right.

I cross Check Both Report and i am able to see that both Assignment value are one and same.

Not sure why you have a difference. !!