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Jan 18, 2007 at 09:51 AM

Xi Transport : one system for all xi environments


Hi all

We have 4 Xi environments (DEV, TEST, PRE, PROD) in a single SLD. Each environment has it's own integration server.

We also have a third party system, but i's just a single system which has to be used by the 4 environments.

This is giving us problems when transporting the integration directory. It always complains that there is no corresponding business system in the TESTING group.

Originally the system was in the DEVELOPMENT group and assigned to the related integration server of development. No transports were defined.

We also tried,

group : (no group assigned)

related integration server : (none)

This resulted in the same error.

A workaround would be to export, assign system to TESTING environment, import and then restore the sytem back to DEVELOPMENT. However I was hoping for a more elegant solution, because this way requires a change in the SLD everytime you want to transport the integration directory.