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Handeling BAPI Return messages for mutiple fields

May 05, 2017 at 02:47 PM


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Dear Friends,

I am using BAPI_USER_CHANGE to update or delete the values of 2 fields. I am facing one problem in bapi return table. If Bapi change one field and does not change other field, it gives only one message "User has been changed". It does not give the status of each field. I need to show the status of both field in ALV output. If Bapi update only one field and does not update the other field, how could i get status of fields individually, however Bapi is only returning one message "User has changed". In actuality, only one field has been updated not the other one.

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1 Answer

Evgeny Gubenko May 05, 2017 at 02:53 PM


The FM should update all the fields if you are passing the change flags on these fields, so if BAPI returned "User has been changed", all the fields marked for update should be updated. Could you please share the code?


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Dear Evgeny,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, i am updating 2 fields. Security policy and time zone base on some conditions. I have to show the status of both field in ALV. For Example. if bapi does not make any change in security policy (because the value is already in master data), and if time zone field gets updated, in return table bapi gives only one message "User xxxxx has been changed". Or it can happens vice versa. But in ALV, i have to display status of both fields, Security policy "Not changed" and Time Zone "Changed". I cannot send the code right now because i have left my office laptop at office. I hope you understand my question.


If I understand well, you are saying that the only issue is about the returned messages only, which are not giving enough details from your point of view? Why can't you just simply solve the issue by reading the user master and compare with the values you wanted to update.