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May 05, 2017 at 12:49 PM

BODS Scripting for CDC


Hi all, I am new with Data Services. I am building up a BI Reporting for our SBO Landscape. The general building full loads works fine and I now wanted to build up Delta processes - CDC. In general the Tutorial Chapter seemed to me straight forward until I tried to add the "Target_DS" in


I tried to Drag&Drop form the library, with ' or not and different other variations. I also tried to find something in earlier chapters or the tech manual. What I did not really figure out is if i have to build up that DBO.CDC_TIME table.

I would say that i kind of missed something out or should have learned before or in addition. I already have wondered if there is an other way, eg doint the delta in BI with a IPAK Filter Script and holding the date time in a TVARV table. Does anybody has experience with that approach?Thanks for HelpDirk