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PO 7.5 AEX connection to PO 7.4 AEX

May 05, 2017 at 08:35 AM


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Attempting to put together a "bridge" connection between 2 different landscapes and 2 different PI systems.

How should this connection be setup ?

Ideally I want to setup a single communication channel that will allow address of data between the 2 systems, essentially a generic SOAP XI30 channel - like the connection used for an ABAP proxy instead of using generic SOAP and having to address each message 2 a seperate end point URL.

Ive setup a receiver adapter addressing the other system - something like


with a user that has correct permissions on the remote AEX system

and a sender channel on the remote system that looks like; HTTP XI30.

I had through that an Abstract Interface would work in this case PI -> PI, but that doesnt seem to be the case so I have a normal service interface mapping.

Can I not use generic communication channels ?

What should it looks like ?

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3 Answers

pavan thiruveedula May 05, 2017 at 10:27 AM

Hi Richard,

Consider your scenario as normal SOAP -- SOAP scenario.

generate the WSDL for for the receiver PO sender soap channel and us the same endpoint url in the sender PO system receiver SOAP adapter channel.

use SOAP 1.0 or XI 3.0 as message protocol.


Pavan T

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I have implemented in this way as a stop gap - so we can keep moving the project, but I have to say its far from ideal and I would have expected SAP would have a better solution for communications between AEE and AEX. In my estimation this is a massive short coming of the decentralized adapter setup and it makes it hard to justify licensing when any number of products could do the same job. Most products can talk standard webservices, so in a situation where the AEE is just providing a "window" into another network, its a hard sell.

Richard McArthur May 08, 2017 at 02:28 AM

Thanks for the response, I cant believe thats the best solution.Whilst this will work it means a individual communication channel is required for each integration between an AEX and a decentralized adapter engine (AEX - AEE). There must be a more generic handler like the ABAP proxy into ECC. Everytime I have a requirement to send data into the ECC stack I use a single channel SOAP_PROXY.

Thanks for your answer but no really what I need.

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Richard McArthur May 08, 2017 at 04:34 AM

To explain a little further we have a 7.5 AEX system talking to a 7.5 AEE (decentralised adapter).

If we have 15 different integrations (ICO) on the decentralized engine that require end point connected to the AEX system, I would expect a simple way to bridge the connection between the 2 integration engines in essence a SOAP XI30 bridge. I don't want to have a seperate webservice channel configured for every scenario where PO -> PO type connections are needed due to some part of the integration requiring access to the decentralised adapter engine and the other part being located/accessed through the AEX (central) stack.

The SAP architecture implies a simple relationship between AEX and AEE in terms of integration but I havent so far been able to build this without treating the other system much like any other webservice provider ? this doesn't seem correct as having an additional webservice channel for every bridge connection would seem excessive when the same sort of thing happens with ECC - we dont need to have multiple communication channels (ECC integration engine gets all calls and uses the Message Type and service interface to make decision - why cant this be done in the above scenario).


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