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Jan 16, 2007 at 05:54 PM

suppress cumulated key figures for actual data


Hello all,

I have build a query which display monthly actual and forecast order income for an ficsal year. The fiscal year starts in July and end in June

The forecast data were loaded in BW over an flat file for the whole fiscal year. The actual data gets loaded daily from R/3.

When I run the query and select the whole fiscal year and displayed the key figures as "cumulated" in the query properties, I can see all the cumulated forecast values (for 12 months) but the actual order income data just cumulated till the current month (December). For the next months (until June) always the last value from December remains.

I want to provide a line diagram in a Web Application, which shows the forecast and the actual data. Right now the line for the actual data stops to raise at the current period and gets continued as a horizontal line till the end of the fiscal year.

Therefore my question is: Is it possible to suppress values for actual data for the next periods in order to end the actual order income data line in the diagram at the current month.

Any ideas would be great.

Best regards from Munich,