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LiveCache questions from the funtional prespective


i have few questions about live cache. please help me in finding the answers .

1. Is live cache segregated in to different logical units. how should i relate live cache to DP,SNP,PPDS areas.

2. Some explanation on how live cache could me mapped to the major areas in APO ( DP, SNP, PPDS)

3. how live cache is stored . is it just through funtion modules or is there any other way.

4 . what are the funtion modules that will help to fetch data from livecache , how to find appropriate funtion modules for each area ( DP, SNP, PPDS)

5. How can we update (write to ) live cache. what are the appropriate FM's to update LC for each area and hits to find the FM's.

6. what are the rules while reading from LC or writing to LC.

7. i observed that data is being changed to GUIDs while debugging, if i need to retreive some data (example : material no. or location ) which is in GUID format how can i convert it back to meaningful format so that i can actually use that data.

Please help me in finding the answers . your help will be rewarded.



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1 Answer

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    Jan 20, 2007 at 02:13 AM

    Hello Kumar,

    -> If you have questions/problems with liveCache => welcome to post

    it in the 'MaxDB/liveCache' forum.

    -> Please click at

    & read about 'SAP liveCache'.

    As you know objects stored in liveCache in the class containers can be accessed

    and manipulated only via LCA routines which are methods of LCA objects.

    The registration of the LCA routines is done automatically when

    the liveCache is started by the LC10, check the lcinit.log file.

    The shared procedures in the LiveCache are written in C++ and shipped

    to the customers as binary shared libraries(LCA-Routines) < LCA build >

    together with the LiveCache. The original C++ source code of the

    libraries is not generally available to the customers.

    More documents/info available at -> mySAP SCM Technology


    -> For SAP liveCache documentation in English:

    < -> Database Administration in CCMS: SAP liveCache -> liveCache Assistant ->

    liveCache: Monitoring -> Problem Analysis-> DB Procedures >

    In transaction LC10 for the LCA connection choose liveCache:Monitoring

    then go to Problem Analysis -> DB Procedures=>

    The system displays an overview of all database procedures loaded into

    liveCache, their input and output parameters, and other details.

    -> Tr. /n/SAPAPO/OM16 ( in further releases /n/sapapo/om19 ) was provided by

    SAP to get information about data stored in the LiveCache. If you would

    like to get your own views, you should write a special report in ABAP using

    "/SAPAPO/OM"-development class functionality.

    The LCA routines could be called via "/SAPAPO/OM*" ABAP functions.

    -> There are standard function module available to extract data from liveCache.

    For example, function module /SAPAPO/TS_DM_EXTRACT_DATA is used to extract

    the data from livecache..

    In addition to information given => find more information at:

    SCM 4.0 ->

    SCM 4.1 ->

    SCM 5.0 ->

    You can go to the Advanced Planner and Optimizer documentation from the above links.

    Thank you and best regards, Natalia Khlopina

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    Natalia Khlopina

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