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FMJ0 - what is the Negative Impact - why SAP says run only in emergency for individual documents

May 04, 2017 at 09:49 PM


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I have went through almost all the blogs on SCN and could not find the answer as to why SAP only recommends to run FMJ0 in emergency situations for individual documents.

The only reason I could think of is all the additional documents being updated in FMIFIIT and FMIOI tables while we run this transaction

Could some one throw some light on the negative impact caused by running FMJ0 for all our Purchase Orders with no open amounts.



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Eli Klovski
May 05, 2017 at 08:59 AM


There is no negative impact as such. However, FMJ0 should be indeed applied only in cases, where there is a clear need for it. What is the business requirement in your case to carry-forward a closed PO?



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Former Member May 05, 2017 at 08:09 PM

Hi Eli,

Thanks a lot for looking into this question, Well last year we did not do FMJ0, we only performed FMJ2 for 51 and 54 value types, and the users had issues where the system did not perform automatic carry-forward with some PO's where they have to execute FMJ0 manually.

we are using update profile 000102 - payment budget, invoice basis, posting date, PBET

we only do commitment carry-forward and do not carry-forward budget.

In the closing operations under IMG, we have commitment carry forward allowed(selected). However, we did not have any config settings under commitment closing operations - 1) define basic settings for commitment carry-forward

2) Enter settings for commitment carry-forward payment budget

do you think these settings need to be maintained?

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Well, there is no golden rule for these settings. It depends on your business requirements...

However, if you don't have settings in CF for payment budget, I wonder how you carry-forward 54 value type. Unless, you don't have any restrictions and the default is that everything is allowed.

What kind of issues have you had in the system which made you to execute FMJ0?