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Jan 16, 2007 at 10:42 AM

How to use string relational operator.



In my program,I have one 'Period' select option,having string length '3', I want only number should be entered in this select option,if user enter other than number any value then it should show an error message.

currently I am using 'CA' operator but problem in this is that out of '3' if any one contain number then instead of getting error message i am getting short dump.for it is giving error message if all '3' character are alphabet.

e.g.: 1. If Period = 388, working fine.

2. If period = ABC, Getting error message.

3. If period = p18, getting short dump.

I want the error message for third case also not a shot dump.

I used 'cO' also but the problem in his is that it not except the only one character like only '1' or '2' it want all the three field should be filled.

Can anyone help me out in his problem.