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May 04, 2017 at 05:05 PM

Variable value ignored for one query - Design Studio



I have a design studio application with three datasources loading on inialisation with common variables. However, one of the queries does not seem to apply the variable values entered:

  • DS_PLAN - an input ready query on an aggregation level with two hierarchy selection variables, one for employee and one for cost center
  • DS_EMPLOYEE - a non-input ready query on employee master data with one hierarchy selection variable (shared with DS_PLAN)
  • DS_PROJECT - a non-input ready query on cost center master data with one hierarchy selection variable (shared with DS_PLAN)

I load all three datasources at the application initialisation (load in script = false) and have tried with merge variables as both true and false (when false, I use the "on before prompts submit" script to pass the variable values from DS_PLAN to the others.)

The two master data queries are then used to populate dropdown lists as I need the dropdown lists to include all possible values where the planning query should show only those with data in the planning cube.

However, I am seeing different behaviour from the two datasources:

  • The employee list behaves as expected, and always populates the dropdown with just the employees that are within the selected hierarchy node.
  • The project list is populated with every single cost centre in the system, NOT the selected hierarchy nodes.

If I add the DS_PROJECT datasource to a crosstab and display that in the application, it applies the variable selection and shows me only the reduced picklist. But *only* once I have viewed the content of the crosstab. If I have the crosstab on a hidden panel and do not look at it then the variable is not applied.

The two master data queries are as identical as I can make them, as are the two hierarchy selection variables (several single values / mandatory / ready for input). All script elements are matching and the employee datatsource is not referenced anywhere else in the application.

The only difference I can see is that cost centre is a compound characteristic but employee isn't.

I have checked the following posts among others, but have found nothing to suggest why my variables are applied to 2 from 3 queries on application initialisation.

Can anyone please suggest why my cost centre query might be behaving in this way?

I am using Design Studio 1.6 SP04 connecting to BW 7.5 SP06.