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SPAU and TCI-based Corrections after Upgrade

Hello Folks,

System Information:

Backend: Business Suite with SAP EHP 7 for ERP 6.07 with Hr-Renewal 2 SAP_HR/EA_HR SP 40 on NW 7.4 Stack 15 and SAP_UI 7.5 SPS5


We have recently patched our Backend's Unified Rendering with means of TCI: See the following blog:

Long story short: everything went better than expected and all our problems were solved.

Now, a couple of days ago we have patched our System's functional packages, i.e. SAP_HR and EA_HR from SP35 to SP40. We did not update our NW Stack and we did not update the component SAP_UI either.

Problem (if it qualifies as one):

When taking a look at TA SPAU for adjustments of modifications, it's showing me three notes whose implementations have been changed by the aforementioned TCI packages. Now here's the problem: they are labeled "not yet processed" (red color) in SE95 and are shown with a green traffic light in SPAU, which usually means, the implementation is still valid but has been changed because yet another implementation (from a package) has been applied. So, in 99%, you click the green traffic light, SPAU automatically adjusts the coding and we're all happy, but now, the feedback from the system simply is the message "Note has been applied" and nothing happens. I cannot unimplement the notes either, because the underlying coding has been adjusted by TCI packages and those are irreversible.

So bottom line: There isn't really a technical problem, but the Notes are just sitting there, grinning at me, like they're something better and I can't get rid of 'em. I could just hide them via SE95 but that woulnd't be "clean" IMHO.

I've searched for SAP Notes so far but only found #2448562 and #2376895 which don't really address the problem described and didn't help solve it either (I've implemented them anyway). Furhtermore there are no "answers" on SCN (can I still call it that?) for that matter either, except for one of my own threads and one in moon-runes I can't read.

Has anybody encountered something similar in SPAU yet?

Cheers, Lukas

P.S. I still havent figured out how to properly format my question with super-duper-1DX... sorry for the mess -_-

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2 Answers

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    Oct 16, 2017 at 02:10 PM

    Cleaning up old threads.

    --> We never found a solution for the problem, but since we recently upgraded to EHP8, the problem was somehow "lost in migration"

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  • May 05, 2017 at 07:25 PM

    Hi, Lukas! I haven't seen such effects in SPAU but have encountered my share of the odd note behavior. Unfortunately I don't have a better answer than a suggestion to open an incident with SAP. Previously we were able to get some assistance with the "stuck" notes that way. Use High priority if this affects the project go-live.

    Also this might be a good opportunity to try the widely advertised Expert Chat if it happens to be available for the component in question. If you start entering an incident, after you put in the component, the chat button should appear if it's available.

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