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Jan 15, 2007 at 10:46 PM

Deletes with ALE Delta ?


Hi Folks -

I need your help with this one. I have custom table on which I have built a custom master datasource. This datasource is used to feed the master data of a custom object in BW.

Now, this Ztable is mainted using a custom transaction. I've created a custom change document object to write entries into CDHDR and CDPOS tables whenever any changes are made to the entries of this table. So far so good...

(too many CUSTOM's ...:D)

The issue is, whenever any records are deleted in this table, the ensuing ALE Delta is not pulling the deleted records into BW. Where as new and changed records are getting updated correctly.

<b>Question 1:</b> Does ALE delta support master data deletes (This IO is not used anywhere else as yet) ??

<b>Question 2:</b> Whenever any deletes to the entries in the Ztable happen, I can see entries in the CD* tables and also the corresponding change pointers are generated in BDCP* tables. The change ID for these records is E (Delete with Single Field Documentation). When I do the ALE delta, the status of these change pointers turns to Processed...but no records are pulled into BW. In other words, all the change pointers with change ID as 'E' are being filtered out during the delta extraction. Do you guyz know why ??

Any kind of thoughts are welcome to be shared...

Thanks in advance.