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Jan 14, 2007 at 09:03 PM

Pricing Problems


Hello Gurus,

I am currently working on Pricing, all of a sudden some one (admin) configured our SAP and we have lost all of our Z-data (tables, account groups, partners,etc.). But then, I have re-created all of them as per my requirements, my concern is that.. although I have done that I am facing a few problems with Pricing, they are:

1. In my pricing procedure, I have about 4 condition types (2 pricing, 1 discount, 1 taxing class) and 2 lines which dont have any condition type assigned to them. So, when I am trying to create a sales document, I find those 2 lines (lines without the condition types) by default, but I dont those 4 which have the condition types (although, if I look into the possible entries - I can find them and can do the assignment), but I wanted them to appear by default rather than me going and pulling them from the possible entries every time, Please suggest me a way to do it so that they appear by default

2. Even the SAP pricing does not work, I mean even the pricing procedure RVAA01 which is the standard SAP does not do the calculation.. and I dont find the reason why, because everything worked fine before the system was configured, how do I get them to work ??

3. As we are aware of the fact that in most of the cases PR00 is a mandatory condition and still then, it is not present in the sales document by default, everytime I have to go into the possible entries screen and pull it up. How can I make it appear by default.

Please help me out.