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Jan 14, 2007 at 08:55 AM

Transporting "Deleted records" with TABU


Hi everybody,

I have a Z table defined as customizing (Delivery Class C)

We are updating it using a special dialog program we developed that doesn't creates change request.

usually the changes in this table are small (only a few records) and we repeat the changes using the same dialog program in further environments (QA, PROD).

I have to make a big amount of changes in the table contain, most of them deletions.

I was thinking of creating a change request manually using TABU but I could not find a way of defining a delete in the change request.

when I delete a record from an usual SM30 it creates the TABU entry + the key in the change request and it looks exactly like an adding in the table.

My question is: How can I ensure that the record that I deleted in DEV will be deleted in QA & PROD using the change request ?

Thank you very much

Gilbert COHEN