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Jan 14, 2007 at 12:56 AM

business modelling concept in XI (SLD/design/directory)


Hi all,

i've read alot of articles and threads and books and weblogs, but when i thought i've got it, i still ended up confusing myself by the business->xi modelling concept.

let's say my business runs sap R/3 and it communicates with legacy system AS400, and exchange EDI messages with my customers. so now i would want to implement XI to centralize message exchange internally and externally from my organization.

so basically, the message exchange primaly happens between :

1. R3 system, to legacy system : AS400-[FILE]->XI-[IDOC]->R3.


2. R3 system, to external party (customer) : R3-[IDOC]->XI-[EDI]->CUSTOMER.

from these requirement, how should i be registering my systems (R3, AS400, customers') in the SLD? and on top of that, how do i map them with a "party", "service without party", and then within each of them- "business services" and "business system", in the scenarios?

then down the line when everything is in place. new business process took place (new party to communicate with) and requirement to add message exchange scenarios in XI, do i re-create my systems in SLD (coz i have the idea what when a business system is being assigned you can no longer assign it in a different scenario?), or do i just add my message exchange in the existing scenarios?

sorry if this has been said so many times and many ways, but i find it hard to understand the model without visualizing this on a relevant scenario. hope you guys can share some thoughts along with your examples.

appreciation points will be noted to any replies. thanks!