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Jan 13, 2007 at 09:41 PM

MiniSap v6.2 saplicense.exe crashes windows XP - please help!



When i'm trying to install the application server of the MiniSap the procedure works fine untill about 91 % progress, when the installation halts. After a couple of seconds, i get a 'blue screen' with text for one second after which the computer reboots. When i start the resume setup batch after the restart, i get the same error.

However, i am able to install the front-end part and it works fine, but i am not able to log-in as the system says 'no valid license is installed'.

So i tried to manually install a license with saplicense.exe, which i found in the c:\miniwas directory. When i start that file though, i get the same error (blue screen followed by a computer restart). The problem persists no matter what paramaters i add to saplicense.exe. Even "saplicense.exe -get" crashes windows.

Now i tried everything: a clear install from the beginning (several times), i double checked all the settings (such as the MSloopback adapter), disabled the firewall and virusscanner and all other running software (including everything in the system tray) but the problem is not solved.

Can you please help to resolve this problem? Any help with be greatly appreciated.

Laptop configuration:

Intel pentium 4 - 512 mb memory - 80 gb harddisk (half of which is free space) - 64 mb Ati video card - Windows XP (Dutch version) & SP2 installed.