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May 04, 2017 at 10:03 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have 2 seperate projects in my SAP Web IDE Workspace:

  • ascorpi.uc.lines
  • ascorpi.rght.dim.tree

I am using the "rght.dim.tree" application as an value help in the "uc.lines" app making use of "sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer". In the Fiori Launchpad of the ABAP backend everything works fine. Unfortunately, I cannot run "uc.lines" anymore in the Fiori Sanbox provided by SAP Web IDE. Loading the resources of "rght.dim.tree" fails since this application is unknown to the test Web Server used.

To solve this I tried to start both apps at once using the fioriSandboxConfig.json file with the following content in the "uc.lines" app.:

    "applications" : { 
        "UCLines-display" : {
            "additionalInformation" : "SAPUI5.Component=ascorpi.uc.lines",
            "applicationType" : "URL",
            "url" : "/webapp",
            "title" : "Usage Confirmation Lines",
            "description" : "Usage Confirmation Lines"
        "RightDimTree-display" : {
            "additionalInformation" : "SAPUI5.Component=ascorpi.rght.dim.tree",
            "applicationType" : "URL",
            "url" : "/webapp",
            "title" : "Rights Dimension Tree",
            "description" : "Rights Dimension Tree"

Starting the application "uc.lines" on Fiori Sandbox in SAP Web IDE actually shows two tiles now:

Nevertheless, application Rights Dimension Tree does not start:

Anyone can help or give me some explanation how to set up fioriSandboxConfig file correctly?



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