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Former Member
May 04, 2017 at 09:49 AM

How can I use Icon Tab bar filter and segmented button together?


Hi everyone,

I am trying to use Icon Tab Bar Filter and Segmented Button together. For example, Icon Tab Bar Filter is filtering data on base of Currency Code field, and segmented button is filtering data on base of Location ID. If i want to see the products with Location ID 0000000020 and with Currency USD, I need to select USD tab from Icon Tab Bar and 00020 from Segmented button.

But both filters are not working together. If I select Currency Code and then select Location ID. Filter is only implemented on Location ID.

Example of application is below.

I might need to use an array of filters to implement multiple filters together, but that is not working at this moment.

Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance!