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Jan 12, 2007 at 07:21 PM

Object with Attribute AND Text


Folks, first and foremost - my apologies for asking such a basic question.

Inspite of all the highly cryptic error messages, I am determined to learn BW:)


When you create an InfoObject (SalesRep) with an attribute (SalesRepName),

you create 2 characteristic objects - SREP and it's attrbute - SREPNM. I understand this.

When you create an InfoObject (MaterialCode) that has an ATTRIBUTE (MatNm) AND a TEXT (MatDesc) -

1. do you have to create 3 InfoObjects, 1 for the MaterialCode, 1 for MatNm

(Attribute) and 1 for MatDesc (Text)?

2. If yes - how do you associate the TEXT object with the parent (MaterialCode)?

I guess the attribute object goes into the 'Attribute' tab of parent object.