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Jan 12, 2007 at 01:50 PM

question on summing records



I am writing a program that is extracting vendor information from the CDPOS table. I have extracted records for the same vendor with different fields and values. I am using the cdhdr to select the records that I want based on a date range. I use the change number to cd the items from the cdpos table. I would like to get 1 record by vendor, cocode, purch org that contains all of the data that has been changed within the given time period.

I have an example of the table, the records and the result that I am trying to create. this example does not contain any info for the cocode and pur-org.

vendor cocode pur-org zwels stcd2 fiskn

12345 CM

12345 23-73276453

12345 00000160867

12345 CMT

result that I want

12345 CMT 23-73276453 00000160867

Please let me know if I need to supply additional info or possibly code from the program

thanks in advance for the help