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Jan 11, 2007 at 09:52 PM

How to turn off automatic transfer order confirmation


The problem comes about when we combine partial pallets into a full pallet. In order to get a valid pallet label and an open transfer order, we create a "round trip" transfer order from storage type 005 to 005. This TO type is also automatically confirmed. Which we do not want.

The round trip transfer order is from storage type 005 to 005. The rest of the story about combining partial pallets is: We use zgmf1 to confirm production. The batch id is automatically assigned and a transfer order is created to move the finished pallet from storage type 901 to 005. When we want to add to a partial we have to override the batch and manually enter the same batch id as the original pallet. Another transfer order is created. Since we need a valid pallet label for the full pallet quantity, we confirm the two original TOs, create the round trip TO and reprint the label. We want the forklift driver to scan the label and confirm the put away. The problem is the TO is automatically confirmed, how do we turn this off?