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Jan 11, 2007 at 04:08 PM

trigger data_changed_finished from PAI



I have a screen with some standard screen fields and a couple of editable ALV Grids. I'm stumped at trying to save all changes from a save button either as a screen field or in the screen's application toolbar.

Within each ALV grid, things are fine - I am handling data changes by both mc_evt_enter & mc_evt_modifies. Any change is reflected in my itabs during data_changed_finished.

My issue comes when I first make a change (to a text field) in one of the grids and then - before pressing TAB, ENTER, or anything else - try to save via the Save button in the screen's application toolbar.

I don't hit data_changed_finished and my itabs are not updated with that latest change. If I save to the DB @ this point, I'll miss that last change.

The refresh of the Grid also sets back to the previous value.

I've tried raising events in the PAI (CALL METHOD alvgrid->raise_event ...) but can't seem to get this - or anything else to work.

Any tips?