SAP HANA 2.0 SP 1 DB Explorer: Virtual Tables from the added HANA DB


in our XSC HANA DB we do have a lot of virtual tables which are working fine.

Now I included this db to our XSA db explorer and hoped to see the same result in this environment. If I click on normal tables and "open data" I can see all the data. But if I choose virtual tables I get an error:

Could not open 'table name'. Error: The requested backend service did not succeed Gateway Timeout

Could some one check it too, and tell me, that this is working... or is it a bug.

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  • Hi,

    today I was checking again the tables and I found out that it seems really a timeout problem!

    I checked for one table on two different systems (on-premise) and got data fetched on one of this two different systems. On the other system I got a timeout for the same one.

    But if I choose another bigger table than I get on both systems a timeout.

    Once more, if I use HANA Studio than every requests for the virtual tables are working fine...

    Is there a way to suppress the timeout for the odata requests in the db explorer? Maybe than it would work...

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