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PO 7.5 Correlation ID for SOAP to SOAP scenario

Hi Team,

We are developing an interface with the below scenario.


1) PO will retrieve a flat file from source FTP server. The file contains multiple order number records.

2) First ICO splits the file and creates multiple messages (each message will contain single order number). Messages are then sent to second ICO via the soap adapter.

3) Second ICO maps each message to an IDOC and sends it to SAP.


Is it possible to create a correlation ID for the messages from the 1st and 2nd ICO?

If not, we want to show the "filename" and "message id" of the 1st message on the soap header/dynamic configuration of the 2nd message?



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1 Answer

  • May 04, 2017 at 12:05 PM

    Hi Carlo,

    What is your requirement actually? Is your requirement is to populate idoc structure taking data from File?

    I am in a doubt why did you create 2 ICOs. If your requirement is to create multiple idocs in SAP, then simply make the occurance of the idoc metadata to 0.onbound or else export the metadata as xsd, change the occurrence and import as an external definition.



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    • Hi Apu,

      We are able to populate the correlation ID attribute of the batch message (1st ICO) using its own message ID.

      We used AF dynamic configuration module to copy the message ID to correlation ID.

      Now, how can we copy the same message ID/correlation ID to the split messages (2nd ICO)?