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May 03, 2017 at 05:06 PM

C4C Studio: Filter by range dates



I have my BO with 3 elements: BusinessPartnerID, StartDate (MM/DD/YYYY), EndDate(MM/DD/YYYY), with 3 records,

I need filter by range dates. When I select in my screen BO (OWL Query parameters) StartDate = 05/01/2017 and EndDate = 05/05/2017 my result is 2 records, If I select StartDate = 06/01/2017 and EndDate = 06/01/2017 my result is 0 records

But I need configure my query with range dates in my screen OWL, I see greaterorequals and lowerorequals in Query-Defaulset but I don't how know it.

Thanks for your help!

Rafael Huapaya


captura.png (3.5 kB)