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May 03, 2017 at 04:02 PM

C1F5_SPECIFICATIONS_READ usage for reading specification value assignments


Hi SAP EH&S experts,

I have a requirements for reading custom VAT from specification data to support few custom report symbols. Though these report symbols are for specification data I need the report symbols to be 02 parameter since the output is based on user entries during label generation and there needs to many validation based on user entered country.

My technical consultant is using C1F5_SPECIFICATIONS_READ FM to read the custom VAT. All VAT instances are getting updated to table X_VALUATION_USAGE_TAB once the specification read with custom VAT id. But after that, our code is written to go through this table X_VALUATION_USAGE_TAB and determine the entries relevant for REGION Validity area by checking against the user entered country. This became complex to accommodate exclusion and multiple REGIONS. We tested the FM by passing the REGION Validity but that does not seems to return all required value.

Having said that, have you used C1F5_SPECIFICATIONS_READ FM for reading VAT data based on exact validity area, if so can you provide an example or your experience in using this FM.


Pugal Shanmugam