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Former Member
Jan 11, 2007 at 08:56 AM

No conditions when referencing a contract


I have created a sales order and the reference to a contract is mandatory.

Problem is, when I create the sales order, not all the conditions (discounts) are shown. What's weird for me is that if I create the sales order without reference to the contract, all discounts are shown.

I.e.: when referencing the contract, i see only the list price, the first discount condition and MWST. When not referencing the contract, in the condition window i can see all above, plus the following maintained discounts.

Maybe it helps to know that there are 5 conditions (discounts), first one is mandatory, and the others have exclusion rules (2nd excludes the 3rd and so on).

Also, the only data I enter in the contract are the client and the start and end date.


Cosmin Bolohan