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Jan 11, 2007 at 08:09 AM

Connection Integration Server failed. Status: HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized


Hello everybody,

I know, that this topic is discuss several times, but I couldn't find a satisfied solution. Sorry for the questions again.


Scenario: We have to realize a proxy connection between BW 3.5 and SAP XI 3.0. SLDCHECK works fine. But we have trouble with the http - Connection. We create a destionation via TA SM59:

. Target Host : Hostname SAP XI Integration Server

- Service No: <Port>

- Path Prefix: /sap/xi/engine?type=entry


(this destionation works fine in another Sender systems)

If we try to test the connection. We get an Logon Prompt for the SAP XI Web Application Server back. Funny is, if we put the same User / Password from SM59 in, we get no error message back. But we couldn't put any logon / user information in the proxy area. What can we do ?

I did/checked follow:

- SAP XI: The User XIAPPLUSER, has the right password and authorizations,

- SAP BW: The Destionation is created and the System - Role (sxmb_adm) ist maintained.

- SAP BW: we compare the configuration with other Sender - Systems

- SAP BW: we create the Destionation with RFC - Typ H


I created the same Destionation in other Sender-Systems: Works fine, we didn't get any logon promp, if we test the http Destination via SM59.

Thanks for your help