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Jan 11, 2007 at 04:35 AM




I am working on the following Synchronous scenario in XI 7.0 SP 08

<b>SAP R/3 ---> Sender RFC Adapter --> SAP XI --> Rec. XI Adapter --> Server JAVA Proxy ---> Java implementing class</b>

Now while executing the scenario I am getting following error -->




<SAP:Stack>HTTP response contains status code 401 with the description Unauthorized Error while sending by HTTP (error code: 401, error text: Unauthorized)</SAP:Stack></i>

Now I found some solution for this error on forum, one of them suggest this :

" Did you maintain Client, userid, password, and lang information in SICF transaction -> sap/xi/engine? Double click on service and check whether you have entered correct information. "

But in the SAP NW Config Guide I found this " <i>The logon data (user, password, client, and language) is dynamically transferred in the HTTP header fields during an HTTP call of the service. For more information, see the SAP NetWeaver Library documentation under Exchange Infrastructure &#8594; Design and Configuration Time &#8594; Configuration &#8594; Defining Collaboration Profiles &#8594; Communication Channel.</i> "

Under " Activating an HTTP Service on the Integration Engine (Receiver Side) " of SAP NW Config Guide.

Also I asked our BASIS team to update as I found no value in client, userid, password but they revert back that system is not allowing them to save anything on this page. Also which User ID we should mention on this page.

Also one of the forum suggested to check the RFC Destination " INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI ". I tested it & getting expected results as mentioned in Installation guide. " <i>The test has been executed successfully if the response status code is 500 and you find REQID not found in the HTTP body</i>. "

Some forum suggest to check the role of user PIISUSER, I did that & it is fine. Also check the exchange profile for PIAFUSER & PIISUSER & they are also fine.

Also checked the Note Number 821026 but this error is coming everytime not sporadically.

Now in my Receiver XI Adapter under Service Number I earlier mentioned HTTP port { as this was mentioned in " How to Work with JAVA Proxy " }.

" <i>The Service Number is the HTTP port of the Adapter Engine. ".</i>

But weblog <a href="/people/krishna.moorthyp/blog/2006/07/23/http-errors-in-xi* Errors in XI</a>under 401 error says your adapter should have J2EE port.

Can you confirm which PORT I should mention in XI Adpater. Though right now with both the port numbers I am getting the same<b> HTTP 401 unauthorized</b> error.

XI adapter Settings:

Message Protocol : XI 3.0

Adressing Type : URL address

Target :Host XI server host name

Service :Port Number (50100)

path : /MessagingSystem/receiver/JPR/XI


Can you suggest what can I do to resolve this issue.


- Lalit Chaudhary -