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Jan 10, 2007 at 07:11 PM

Issue with customer download from ECC 5.0 to CRM 5.0


Dear CRM gurus,

We are facing very strange problem regarding sales area and sales office in CRM 5.0 test system

During the download of an ECC 5.0 customer into CRM the BDOC is giving the following error - 'Sales office O 50000617 is not available' and 'Sales office O 50000617 sales group not maintained for sales area O 50000608 10 10'and Validation error occurred: Module CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL, BDoc type BUPA_MAIN.

I just select the BDOC and reprocess it immediately. Now the customer is downloaded into CRM and BDOC turns into green. I am also able to see the sales office and sales area in the downloaded CRM BP.

The sales office 50000617 is very much there in CRM and is properly assigned to sales area 50000608 10 10. That's why, I should be able to reprocess the struct BDOC successfully.

But for some reason the sales office is not getting determined first time during the download. This issue is driving me crazy. This only happens with the customers with sales office. If there is no sales office in ECC customer (i.e. the field is empty) then there is no issue. This customer will get downloaded without any error.

Also the downloaded material doesn't have the sales area data.

This issue doesn't happen in our development system. The only difference is, sales org structure in development system is manually created and it is downloaded from ECC in test system.

Can you please advice me on how to solve this issue?. It is a bit urgent.

All valuable inputs must be rewarded,