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Shopping Cart Default Settings for G/L Account don't transfer to Item

Before creating shopping cart items I’m manually maintaining “Default Settings for Items” for Cost Assignment for both cost center and G/L account #. When creating items, the default for cost center always transfers; however the G/L account # only transfers if the cart item uses the default product category as configured under the PPOMA_BBP attributes. Shopping carts items that reference a product category other than the default remain blank. The issue is consistent, when changing the product category default with PPOMA_BBP the G/L account # transfer only works for items with the current product category default. We are setting the product category default values in PPOMA_BBP on the highest level of the organizational unit hierarchy. The following options have been looked at.

1. Maintained G/L account # by product category with SPRO “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories”, which resulted in

a. An item referencing a product category that is configured under “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories” receives the G/L account # as configured. Exception: If the item references the product category that is set as default under PPOMA_BBP than the shopping cart item receives the default G/L account as set under “Default Settings for Items”, not the one configured under “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories”.

b. An item not maintained in “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories” still doesn’t receive the G/L account # default value as set under shopping cart header “Default Settings for Items”.

2. My understanding is that the G/L account # could also be set in PPOMA_BBP attributes, but I don’t see the G/L account # as an option. I only found attributes “PM: Proposed G/L Account” and “Generic Account Assignment (Standalone)” but both seem to serve different purposes (we don’t use Standalone).


1. Why does the cost center but not the G/L account # transfer to the shopping cart items?

2. How can I get the system to transfer the G/L account # as set in the “Default Settings for Items”? Have you seen the functionality working? Is there any additional configuration needed?

3. Is maintaining all product categories under SPRO “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories” the only way to get the G/L account # defaulted into the item? In that case I would have to maintain all product categories since the shopping cart header default still doesn’t populate.

4. If I have to maintain all product categories under SPRO “Determination of G/L Using Product Categories”, what is the purpose of having the G/L account # as part of the shopping cart header “Default Settings for Items?

5. Is it possible to maintain the G/L account # in PPOMA_BBP attributes and does it help solving my issue?

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2 Answers

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    Jan 10, 2007 at 09:01 PM


    GL will be picked based on the setting "Determ of GL for Prod categories...".

    If there is default prod category set then system picks the corresponding GL maintained in above config.

    If there is no default prod category set then no GL will be picked as default because system checks prod category for GL account.

    Default settings for items in shopping cart screen are only to allow users maintain their default values like Prod category, co code, location if there are multiple values available. (ie if user is responsible for multiple entities.) You cannot maintain defualt GL in that screen as GL will be determined by the prod category defaulted.

    Hope I answered your question. If not please let me know.

    PS : Reward points if helpful.



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      This could be that in some business scenarios purchase requisitioners shop only one or two product categories repeatedly. Even in Plant Maintenance you maintain default GL codes in User attributes. There it can be used.

      Otherwise as you said it is confusing by seeing that field in default settings.

      Onething if you observe the default GL field section carefully, it is meant for Cost distribution purposes.



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    Mar 12, 2007 at 09:25 PM

    Hi Jagdish,

    We are also facing the same issue, Our Business does not really like how Product Category - GL Account is tied up with the SPRO settings.

    Is there a way where we can break this link? Through Some BADI or so? We have checked BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI but it does not store the values which we have defined in the Extended Details as Default settings?

    Please advise



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    • Former Member


      You can try out the folowing OSS notes as well.

      0000538605 Shopping cart: Determine company code/plant/storage location

      0000735579 Location Lost when changing company code at item level

      0000886316 Shopping cart: General data not transferred to item

      0000907747 Plant/storage location in default settings for items

      If this does not help, Inside either of these BADIs - BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI / BBP_DETERMINE_ACCOUNT, write your logic to get the correct GL Account and make the GL Account as per your requirement.

      Let me know incase you face any difficulties.


      - Atul