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Field BSEG-DMBTR. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0300

May 03, 2017 at 12:10 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have LSMW with Direct Input type for posting document in FB01. When executing SM35 session in foreground mode, everything works correct and document gets posted successfully.

But in background mode, error message appears saying "Field BSEG-DMBTR. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A".

In both the modes, log shows this message as 'S' only but in case of background, the recording stops inbetween and we get 1 transaction with errors.

I have checked field mapping in LSMW and everything seems in place.

Can you please help to resolve the issue?

Just to confirm, the input file has value for this field DMBTR.


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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
May 03, 2017 at 01:58 PM

Is the document posted in internal currency?

In this case BSEG-WRBTR = BSEG-DMBTR when BKPF-WAERS = T001-WAERS and only one field is available for input. So don't provide the field in this case.

Also a BAPI like BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST won't have this kind of problem...

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Hi Raymond,

Sorry i am not able to understand your point.

We are posting document in JPY currency and both the fields (Amount in Local Currency - DMBTR and Amount in Document currency - WRBTR ) are provided in input file with same value. So do you mean we should delete one field out of these from input file completely or just pass one as blank and another with some value.

Also, this background error is coming for AP migration only. When similar file is provided for AR migration, no error in background mode appears.


Just perform a test with FB01 or a similar transaction: When document currency equal to internal currency the amount fields of the internal currency won't be ready for input. So adapt your report to not pass those fields in this case.

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Thanks Raymond. We will adapt LSMW report accordingly and will check the results.