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Jan 10, 2007 at 02:37 PM

Change Log for Table Object records


I am trying to access the change change log for a a table context but it is empty. I have copied code from a demo program and it works but my program does not.

- I have a table control with multiple fields open for input.

- I have a validate button . When the validate button is pressed I execute the following but the change log table is empty even though I made changes.

method onactionvalidate_recs .

  • check whether context has changed

data: aux_changes type wdr_context_change,

context type ref to if_wd_context.

context = wd_comp_controller->get_context( ).

changes = context->get_context_change_log( ).

loop at changes into aux_changes.




I am assuming the changes have already got posted or applied, so how do I stop it or have access before it happens. I need to know all the fields that have changed and validate and process the information.