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Former Member
Jan 10, 2007 at 02:41 PM

Problems with Model (JavaBean) from other DCs


Hi there,

like suggested in some tutorials around, I would like to seperate my application into proper development components.

So I started creating a model with java beans in one dc and added it to the public part. After building the dc (also took me some time) I can add the dc to my main development component.

It appears in the used dc and I can add my model to the used models.

So far no problem.

Buuuut: if I create a data link in the data modeler view my model appears as empty. I had some datatypes (company and industry) which I cant see after importing.

Did somebody encounter the same problem?

best regards


p.s.: if I create a test component in the model dc and create a data link, I CAN map the model datatypes to context, so the model seems to be ok.