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Jan 10, 2007 at 01:26 PM

Distribution data top - down between levels of hierarchy


Hi Everyone,

I've got a problem with planning function which doesn't want to distribute data from higher level of article hierarchy down to lower level.

I use 2 characteristics (among other things): Category 0CM_CDT2 and Subcategory 0CM_CDT3.

I have created 2 variables for each char.:

- VARCAT variable holding data for Category (#, H01, H02)

- VARSUB variable holding data for Subcategory (#, H0101, H0102, H0103, H0201, H0202, H0203)

In one planning layout I plan data for category and in another one for subcategory (selecting earlier one of category values).

I have also created characteristic relationships (typ Attribute) for category and subcategory (in BW cube category is an attribute for subcategory and these two characteristics are placed in one dimension).

When I execute layout for planning data for subcategory appropriate values for subcategory appears based on chosen category. (eg. H0101, H0102, H0103 for category H01).

But when I execute planning function (distribute data by key or by refference to historical data) the system generates an error

"Value H02 of chara Category does not correspond to the attrib.val H01 of chara Subcategory

Message no. UPC515"

I suppose that the planning function want to distribute data planned for category H01 for all the subcategories also for subcategories that belongs to category H02.

What should I do to avoid such an error?

I want to achieve that the defined planning function (distribute by key or by refference data) will distribute data from category down to appropriate subcategory...

Maybe an user exite should be implemented to fix that but I'm not similar with ABAP.

All suggestions will be welcome

Thanks in advance for replay